Skip Hire Guide

At Skip Hire Near Me, we wanted to create a guide that would help you actually complete your skip hire. As well as guiding you through the process.

When it comes to finding the right skip hire for you. There are an awful lot of considerations to take into account.

Firstly you need to fully understand what the purpose of your skip hire is for. This may seem obvious, putting waste in. However various services will provide hire depending on the type of waste.

Most companies will take all kinds of waste including garden, building, and household waste.

Although if you have a need for asbestos to be cleared, you may need to select a specific company to help. Or perhaps pay a premium for this to be removed.

So before you begin enquiries and searching for skip hire near me in Google. Understand your purpose and needs.



You may have decided that you need a skip and that it is for general waste purposes. Though do you know what size skip you need?

Certainly for domestic uses, hiring a skip can be a one-off occasion. Therefore we do not always know what size skip we need.

If this is the case for yourself then do not worry. Any reputable skip hire company will listen to your requirements and be able to advise on the size of skip you are likely to require.

They do come in a variety of styles and sizes.

Starting at just 2 yards, a standard skip does go up to 16 yards in size. This is obviously a huge range, therefore asking for advice may be a smart idea.

Commercial businesses often know which skip size they need due to previous usage and experience.

Do bear in mind whether you will also require a ramp or a side opening on the skip.

This can be especially useful for waste that will be added using a wheelbarrow, say.

One piece of advice I would give, is if you are not entirely sure of what you need. Then take the side of caution and order something slightly too big, rather than too small.

You will likely be charged for the skip hire and collection. If the skip you have chosen is too small, and you require further usage once it has been emptied. Then a second charge is likely to be incurred.



Another consideration, which is often overlooked is the location of the skip.

If you are hiring the skip to be used for your home, where will it be placed.

The ideal situation is that you will have a driveway or area of private land for the skip to be located.

If not then it can be placed on the road, however a permit is often required. Each local council has their own procedures.

Any good skip company will arrange this on your behalf, so there should be no extra hassle for you. However do be aware that an extra cost will likely be involved.

A standard permit can typically cost around £35 plus vat.

So when considering the cost you may need to bear this in mind.



When you enquire about your skip hire, you will be asked how long you wish to keep the skip for.

This will obviously vary depending on your needs. However do note that the longer you hold onto the skip, the price may increase.

Consider that leasing a skip for 3 days, is likely to cost more than 14. As the company will not be able to hire this out to another customer during this time.

With this in mind it is wise to plan for how long you wish to hold onto the skip. Prior planning and preparation may well help you to reduce this time.

Some companies do operate a short term option which allows you to fill the skip immediately on delivery. It can then be driven straight away.

This is likely to reduce your costs significantly.



Planning ahead is very much recommended for skip hire. You may search for skip hire near me, then contact a local company. Only to find that they have no skips available to meet your needs.

If you know that will need a skip in the near future, then consider ordering one now.

This can help you to ensure you can hire a skip, exactly when you need it.

Some companies will be able to support at short notice, however it will very much depend on the amount of demand they have at that point.



All of the above factors will play a part in the price you pay for the skip hire you need.

We do recommend that you contact more than one local company in your area. This is simply to compare prices.

Generally having competition in the area will ensure companies keep their prices similar or competitive.

Be prepared when you do search for skip hire near me, to have the above information to hand in order to complete your enquiry smoothly. As well as allowing the company to provide you with an accurate quote.



With the above information in mind, you should be well prepared to organise a skip to suit your needs.

Just be mindful of asking how collection works prior to booking a company to supply to you.

Some will offer a 24 hour collection policy when you notify of your finalisation with the skip. Others may take slightly longer.

So be aware of how long you would like a full skip to be sat outside your property.

Lastly take into account the companies opening days / hours.

If they only operate on a weekday and you finish with the skip on a Friday. Does this then mean it will be sat with you until Monday or even later until it can be collected?

We hope this guide is of use to you and enable your hiring process to be a smooth one.